Advanced Planning and Detailed Scheduling
You will discover a hidden second factory within your factory.
Facility Design and Layout Optimization
A poorly designed facility incurs high costs in the first year, while a well-designed one operates with low costs and high efficiency every year.
Simulation and Digital Twin
Simulation first, then action! Make strategic decisions with confidence.
Companies must constantly evolve to achieve success. To succeed in transformation, the field experience of the old generation must come together with the technology of the new generation. We are a next-generation solution company that combines experience with technology as a whole. We plan the operational transformation that will lead you to success. We implement the individually optimized plan for you with high performance. We provide the necessary tools for running the implemented application with high efficiency. That's why we add the signature 'plan, implement, operate' next to the name Dijitalis.


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"Thanks to the extensive experience of Dijitalis consultants in projects like the design of our new smart factory, as well as their high level of alignment with our requirements, we were able to carry out a project that left everyone satisfied. I would like to thank the valuable team at Dijitalis for their contributions to our smart factory."

İbrahim Yıldırım
Aksa Generator Global Production Director

"As the Bosch Diesel Injection factory, we made the decision to develop any improvement project with simulation support. After completing the work with Dijitalis, the results were fantastic."

Burak Can ÇİÇEK

"Thanks to the simulation solutions provided by Dijitalis, we validate our new investments, model revisions to be made in production lines in a virtual environment, and run them as if they were real. We can prevent irreversible negative outcomes."

Mustafa Çeliker and Sinan ÖZCAN
Cooking Appliances Business

"We decided to develop all kinds of improvement projects with simulation support as the Bosch Diesel Injection factory. We worked with Dijitalis to see how the new paint shop facility to be established in our Ankara factory will operate under various operational scenarios for the future. By optimizing the paint shop facility design, we achieved a much more cost-effective system with increased resilience to operational risks."


"Dijitalis' system analysis and process improvement services reveal the future performance of a design-stage system and, if any, inefficiencies. As a result of the analysis of port layout and operational systems planned within the scope of new investments, bottlenecks that could lead to significant capacity and financial losses were diagnosed at a very early stage, and measures were taken."

Process and Business Development Manager Port Operations and UA Transportation

"Our factory, one of the world's leading tire production facilities, places great importance on the highest possible efficiency in its production and logistics processes. By collaborating with Dijitalis, we revisited our processes, identified overlooked inefficiencies, and developed solutions for each problem. By focusing on the right solutions that would bring real benefits, we achieved a significant increase in efficiency in a short amount of time."

Seichiro Tokunaga – Technical Groups Manager
Cenk Koçdor – Director of Industrial Engineering

"In recent years, our logistics costs had increased due to rising production volumes and model diversity. Before exploring new investment options, we wanted to optimize our processes with Dijitalis to utilize our existing resources with the highest efficiency. Indeed, thanks to Dijitalis's analytical methodology, it became possible for us to view our business processes from a different perspective and discover our losses. By implementing the designed improvements, we achieved a considerable amount of cost savings in a short period."

Altan Aytaç – Supply Chain Director
Mehmet Karaca – Supply Chain Development Manager

“We confirm that we have developed a very positive relationship with Dijitalis and they helped us to generate substantial business value for ArcelorMittal. We wish them all the best in getting even more successful.”

General Manager

"We wanted to offer network design and tactical route planning solutions for our customers. Following our evaluations, especially in the area of supply chain network design, we recommend Dijitalis's expertise and the capabilities of Supply Chain Guru."

Dr. Canan Ölçer
Supply Chain Solutions Development Group Manager

"For our need for a factory simulation tool that could match the innovativeness and dynamism of Kordsa, we chose Dijitalis based on their holistic approach to industrial engineering, their software's ability to adapt to needs and provide the most optimum solution, and their agility in offering support when needed."

Engineering Technology Manager

"We better understood the importance of simulation through this project. The results we obtained from the study exceeded our expectations significantly. We believe that simulation should be used in every field."

Altuğ Aydoğan
Supply Chain Manager

"Thanks to our production planning and scheduling project with Dijitalis, all our processes can now be planned in a synchronized manner. Since we can see which process and machine have a capacity shortfall or surplus at the beginning of the planning period, we were able to prevent both overtime and order delays with workforce shifting scenarios."

Dinçer Koruk
Logistics and Planning Manager

"The global capacity planning project we conducted with Dijitalis became one of the most profitable projects in the history of Eczacıbaşı VitrA."

Adem Kazaz
Market Planning Manager

"We achieve effective results by using Dijitalis's simulation solutions to showcase the outputs while presenting to our global clients and producing automation solutions for our facilities."

Ali Can Özcan
Business Development Specialist
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