Capacity and Workforce Planning

If your planning system takes into account 100% of the rules and constraints of your operations, it produces a correct plan.

A planning model that does not reflect certain constraints, even if it is only 1% off from real conditions, produces a wrong plan. This plan needs to be corrected in the field. Assigning a single order to the wrong source or the right source at the wrong time affects all parallel and subsequent orders. However, a plan that can be smoothly implemented in the field should be produced with 100?curacy. A plan that is 99?curate is as valuable as a plan that is 1?curate.

Most planning software treats the system to be planned in a piecemeal manner and as having infinite capacity. In this case, it cannot be said that the entire system is planned in a fully synchronized manner. Dijitalis models your system as a whole with its offered Digital Twin solutions. There remains no resource, scheduling algorithm, working rule, or operational constraint that cannot be modeled. Advanced planning software such as Asprova or Simio, which we select according to our customer's needs, perceives your system at a 100% level, integrates with your existing IT systems, and automates the planning process. Companies using Digital Twin solutions provided by Dijitalis have achieved the following benefits:

  • Modeling and generating a plan in a short time by modeling all processes and constraints at a rate of 100% to obtain an applicable plan for each resource,
  • Planners can simulate the optimum short, medium, or long-term plan within a few minutes and evaluate the results in terms of cost, time, inventory, and capacity utilization,
  • When a new order arrives or changes are requested in an existing order, planners can instantly see the newly calculated delivery dates, capacity utilization, and workforce needs,
  • Planners can foresee bottlenecks in the system in advance and take precautions from today,
  • Automatic preparation of work instructions for each resource,
  • Scheduling and timing of tasks to comply with product type, resource availability, process constraints, inventory availability, and maintenance schedules,
  • Continuous monitoring of the plan with respect to the status of real-life operations (planned/actual),
  • Being able to react instantly to sudden changes, deviations from the plan, breakdowns, and stops in real-life situations, and re-prioritize tasks according to the current situation,
  • Obtaining visual reports clearly illustrating capacity and workforce needs,
  • Seeing in advance when and how much capacity and workforce will be needed, and testing different capacity and shift plans accordingly.

For more information about our detail scheduling solutions and references, please visit Asprova homepage: https://www.asprova.eu/advanced-planning-scheduling-software/