Business Analytics

It is a critical skill to extract and transform raw historical and real-time data from your corporate software databases related to your operations into actionable information. A good business analytics study should have strong visualization and storytelling abilities. The process of transforming data into information, information into decisions, and decisions into value requires well-handled technical processes such as different formats and systems, data quality, missing information, and data size, as well as capturing the right signals from data heaps and presenting them in a format understandable to decision-makers. Ultimately, interpreting, comparing, and analyzing cognitive processes are much more effective and efficient when the vast amount of data produced by your operations is distilled from numerical and character forms into understandable and creative visuals.

Automated Processes and Rapid Action

Dijitalis automates your analysis processes and minimizes the time you spend on decision-making processes with its business analytics services and solutions. It processes data from different sources in cloud platforms and transforms them into graphs and tables that support decision-makers.

Customized Process Design for You

Each company's business processes and solution needs to optimize these processes vary. Therefore, it is very difficult for ready-made solutions in the market to provide adequate answers to all of a company's requests or to keep the balance between needs and costs at an optimum level. Dijitalis offers a tailor-made analytical platform for your company and processes. This way, you keep the cost/benefit ratio at an optimum level and put into operation solutions that fully meet your needs.

User Interaction

No matter how well-modeled the system you will decide on is, the user needs to intervene in and revise this model when the time comes. Decision-makers make impromptu decisions due to internal factors of companies or factors such as market conditions and economic expectations. Therefore, the decision support mechanism created must be open to these manipulations and be able to respond quickly to changes made. Dijitalis creates interfaces according to user needs, allowing users to intervene in the model and test the effects of these interventions on their systems.

Calculation Within Seconds

Dijitalis can process data taken from corporate IT systems and databases, your existing business intelligence solutions, and other process tracking systems on cloud services it will establish on Amazon and Microsoft Azure platforms. This way of working allows you to get results within seconds by running analysis processes on dedicated servers with a "Serverless" structure.

Flexible Structure and Continuous Service

Dijitalis ensures the continuity of revisions and improvements in the live system with senior consultants assigned to the project. With the continuous and automatic implementation of new technologies, it provides an up-to-date and continuously increasing service quality.

With our Business Analytics and Data Visualization Solutions

  • We transform complex data into meaningful, usable, and actionable information,
  • We accelerate and automate business decisions,
  • We minimize the delay between business needs and operational action,
  • We ensure data cleanliness and validation, providing analysis with complete and accurate data,
  • We create authorization and reports specific to users,
  • We increase awareness of the current situation,
  • We enable you to discover trends in your business and the market,
  • We provide data analysis without the need for additional workforce and focus on high-value-added processes such as improving the current workforce and system,
  • We ensure continuous monitoring of business performance,
  • We identify inefficiencies in costs and provide savings.