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Gartner Report: 60% of the Top 15 companies in Europe Regularly Optimize Their Supply Chains

What is the Gartner Top 25 Supply Chain?

Gartner’s ranking of the top 25 Supply Chain companies is based on two main components: business performance and opinions. Business performance, measured through public financials and ESG (environmental, social, governance) data, provides a view of how companies have performed in the past. On the other hand, opinions are assessed to evaluate companies’ future potential and leadership within the supply chain community. A composite score is derived from evaluations based on these two components.

Gartner analysts compile a list of companies from the Fortune Global 500 and Global 2000 lists. To keep the list manageable, a minimum revenue threshold of $12 billion is set.

For the world’s leading companies offering supply chain analytics solutions supported by artificial intelligence, Llamasoft shares a brief excerpt from this report:

“As emphasized in the Gartner report, scenario planning is crucial for emerging from crisis periods such as pandemics. Leading companies are testing scenarios to predict how they will maintain their competitive edge during market disruptions and in the recovery period. They are also developing risk mitigation strategies in case of new waves of COVID-19.” Llamasoft’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for Europe, Slimane Allab, continues, “We can say that better supply chain decisions begin with a healthy data infrastructure. Then, we believe that companies will have a key to faster, smarter, end-to-end decision-making across their entire supply chain with an enterprise decision-making platform supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms fed by this data source.”

Providing artificial intelligence-supported supply chain analytics software to the world’s leading 750 brands, Llamasoft is the supply chain optimization provider for nine of the top 15 Supply Chain companies selected by Gartner for Europe. Business leaders seeking to answer questions about supply chain management during the pandemic should leverage this research for inspiration from Europe’s top 15.

What are the Top 15 Supply Chains?

For Europe, the companies that made it to Gartner’s 2020 Top 15 Supply Chain are:

  1. Schneider Electric
  2. Nestlé
  3. Inditex
  4. L’Oréal
  5. Diageo
  6. BMW
  7. H&M
  8. British American Tobacco
  9. Reckitt Benckiser
  10. Danone
  11. Novo Nordisk
  12. Adidas
  13. Nokia
  14. BASF
  15. Novartis

60% of these 15 companies use Llamasoft software for end-to-end supply chain planning. Additionally, Unilever, the only Europe-based company listed in Gartner’s Masters category for long-term leadership, is also a Llamasoft customer.

What is Planning-Focused Supply Chain Management?

Llamasoft offers an analytics platform called llama.ai, which creates a “digital twin” that represents a true end-to-end digital representation of the supply chain, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to enable optimal decision-making at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Llamasoft’s applications and innovative solutions aim to help business leaders design operational strategies and empower users with the power of algorithms. They accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence with deep expertise in machine learning, optimization, simulation, and advanced analytics capabilities. Llamasoft customers can leverage their supply chains as a strategic advantage, accelerating their adaptation to rapidly evolving customer demands, business models, internal operational changes, and shifting market dynamics.

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